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Here at Root Cleaning Solutions we love our beautiful green planet and want our encapsulation solution to reflect it. We do not use harmful chemical cleaners, we use a plant-based encapsulation cleaning system that focuses on the use of natural compounds. These compounds break down all the dirt, oil, grease and grime that accumulate over time and stick to the soft and hard fibers of all flooring types. Our encapsulation technology and cleaning system then crystalizes all the soil allowing for easy extraction and providing a low dry time of about 1 hour. Compared to traditional methods that can take 6 hours or more this is a huge improvement. Our encapsulation method combined with our Rotowash machine will provide a deeper more natural clean. Our system is safe for children and pets immediately but is also proving to be a better alternative to traditional methods for our environment. We stand by our products and service 100% and offer a satisfaction guarantee!

Root Cleaning Solutions is an Oregon, USA floor cleaning business who uses groundbreaking plant based encapsulation and rotowash technology to give the very best floor cleaning possible!

A different way to do business

Our business pledge:

We pledge to be a relationship-based business, to remain a high tech meets high service company. We pledge to provide the very best service, products, attitude and to put in place only the most honest and knowledgeable staff. To bring solutions to any problem you may have now or ones that may arise in the future. We pledge to be a happy, honest, friendly, and loyal employer who provides a culture and atmosphere any person would be proud to associate with. We pledge to be a company dedicated to our community and the ones we share it with, to donate more than just our time and energy, and to give more than we take. We pledge to be a place of culture and growth, to always strive to be better for ourselves and our customers. We pledge to treat all our customers like our family because after all, that’s just what we are!

-Root Cleaning Family

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